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Characteristics: Protects the skin against environmental and free radical damage, while stimulating skin repair, leaving skin more supple and resistant. The regenerating texture leaves skin instantly soft and nourished. Protects skin exposed to environmental aggressors (dry climate, temperature changes, sun, wind, air conditioning, etc.), during changes of season and when it needs extra care.

Active Ingredients:

  • dragon’s blood 3%: strengthens the skin’s barrier functions, combats inflammation and promotes cellular detoxification.
  • astaxanthin+aox 1.1%: stimulates skin repair and protects cell DNA.
  • isoquercetin 0.1%: combats the action of free radicals and ageing processes.


Apply 3-4 drops on freshly washed skin in the morning for superior antioxidant protection. 

Diego Dalla Palma Skin Code: Anti-Ox Ampoule (Dragon's Blood)

Excluding GST/HST
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