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Welcome to SONA Skin Studio!

I’m Sarah, a certified Medical Aesthetician and my goal is to make you feel beautiful and confident in your skin. Its no secret that we are our own harshest critic - viewing ourselves often at 1000x magnification and dealing with distorted beauty standards in the media on a daily basis. My goal is always skin health, as I believe healthy skin is beautiful skin. I want all of you to see what I see when I look at you!​At SONA Skin Studio customization is key. No two people are the same, and no two treatments should be so either. Our SONA 45/60/90 Facial Treatments are customized to your unique needs and skin goals - all you choose is the length of the appointment and I’ll choose the perfect combination of products and tools and technology to get you healthy, glowing skin!

A little more about me, the studio was founded in February, 2019 (and was originally named “Edelweiss Skin”). I’m Swiss-Canadian and have been very fortunate to spend many years living in Switzerland and Germany. I have gained an appreciation for the European-style of skincare as an act of self-care, luxury and routine. My advanced training leads me to incorporate the most powerful medical-grade skincare lines available. My intention from the beginning has been to create a space that combines the two often separated sides of this industry - the medical and the “spa” - the relaxation AND the results-driven and scientific approach. So what does that mean for you? A calming, relaxing environment and the best results-proven treatments. No doctor’s office paper, always real linens and towels!

I’m proud to work with some of the best clinically tested skincare brands and technologies in the industry. iS Clinical, Diego Dalla Palma Professional, The Perfect Derma Peel, Skin Accents, Dermaplane Pro, Esthemax and Sharplight Technologies are just a few of the incredible brands and technologies I’m proud to offer.

I can’t wait to meet you,




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