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CICA = Centella Asiatica ( Tiger Grass) - an Asian herb renowned in Chinese medicine for it's healing power and anti-aging

Anti-reddening, soothing, repairing and rebalancing cream with chromo-corrective green pigments. This cream is perfect to help rebalance irritated and vulnerable skin due to external aggressors (chemical peels, laser, tattoos etc) or environmental factors (dryness, cold, wind, sun and pollution). An excellent anti-aging cream for healthy looking skin.


Centella Asiatica - Strong repairing and cellular skin protecting properties. Tiger Grass has always been used for it's healing effect. Many more properties known are:

* it's ability to promote the growth of fibroblasts

* increase the production of collagen and fibronectin

* improves the elasticity and strengthens the barrier function of the skin

Extracts of chestnut, ruscus and calendula: natural source of bioflavonois, with vasoprotector and anti-reddening properties.

Biomimetic Ceramides: rebalances and strengthens the barrier function of the skin, hydrating the skin.

Revivyl: Stimulates stem cell skin renewal and protects the skin microbiome.

Green Chromo-Corrective Pigments: reduces irritation and redness.

Diego Dalla Palma - Cica-Ceramides Cream

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