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Daily renewal lotion that gently removes dead and dull skin cells for a more even and vibrant complexion and smoother, more uniform skin. enriched with Revivyl™ which activates the skin regeneration process and rebalances the skin's micro environment. On the surface, Revivyl™ protects the skin's microbiome, the "invisible world of good bacteria" present on the surface of the skin and essential to preserving healthy skin and protecting it from external agents. In depth it stimulates the skin's renewal while maintaining the activity of stem cells - the skin's "youth capital". Best for: all skin types, especially blemish-prone, dry, dull, rough, normal and aging. 200ml.



  • Increase skin's radiance
  • gently removes dead and dull skin cells, impurities and excess oil
  • Help increase skin density and hydration
  • Helps maintain the balance of skin's microbiome of good bacteria
  • Helps smooth and soften skin



5% Combines acids (Glycolic Acid and Glucono delta-lactone), Revivyl™ 

Diego Dalla Palma - 5% AHA Regenerating Exfoliating Tonic

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