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Hydrating and protective, it instantly quenches the skin and combats dehydration wrinkles. It's light, silky texture is quickly absorbed, providing an immediate sensation of comfort and freshness, for firmer and more vibrant skin. Also excellent as a hydrating makeup base.


Enhanced with HYALU4PLUMP a new active ingredient complex with extraordinary ability to bind and hold a large quantity of water and releasing it gradually over time adapting to the individual's skin needs and at different depths. Mini hyaluronic acid, with very low molecular weight: it has a very high penetration capacity, able to promote the regeneration processes of the deepest layers of the skin and to stimulate the production of "new hyaluronic acid", collagen and elastin with a strong filling and plumping action. Best for: dry, irritated, normal, combination skin. 50ml.



  • plumper skin
  • reduction of fine lines caused by dehydrated skin
  • hydrating and protective, creating a strong barrier to external aggressors
  • leaves skin soft and smooth



51+3 Hyalu Complex, HYALU4PLUMP, N-Acetylglucosamine, Vitamin E, Passionflower Oil, Acai Oil, Babassu Oil

Diego Dalla Palma - 24 Hour Hydro Replenishing Cream

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