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Intensely plumping and hydrating with hyaluronic acid

The intensive solution for dry, dehydrated skin with dehydration wrinkles.

It delivers long lasting quenching, smoothing fine lines, for smooth, firm skin that is protected from the external factors that cause dehydration.

Mini hyaluronic acid, with very low molecular weight and very high penetration capacity, encourages regeneration in the skin's deeper layers and stimulates the production of" new substances" with a marked filling*,plumping and anti-wrinkle effect confirmed by rigorous instrumental tests.

Rapidly absorbed texture with a memory effect: on contact with water, the protective film can be felt on the skin, even hours after application.


1,9% HA+: A blend of different molecular weight hyaluronic acids enriched with Cross-linked hyaluronic acid tech that creates an invisible 3 Dinstant lift effect film on the surface of the skin. The pure, advanced formula contains only active ingredients with no gelling agents and no perfume. The high % of hyaluronic acid is what gives the formula a gel -like consistency.

How to use:

Use morning and evening. Apply a few drops to cleansed face, neck and neckline, working outwards from the centre of the face and from the neck to the neckline. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Pat with finger tips to promote absorption.

Do not massage using circular or prolonged motions. This will prevent pilling of the transparent high concentration hyaluronic film that forms on the skin (also, creams or other cosmetic products applied immediately after should not be massaged for long).

Diego Dalla Palma - HA Hero Deep Hydration Serum

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