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CO2LiftV is a new, easy-to-use, take-home cosmetic treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Utilize carbon dioxide to naturally increase blood flow, stimulate collagen and elastin, and restore youthful functionally to the vulva vaginal tissue. Hormone Free. No downtime.

- Kit comes with the gel packets, mixing stick and applicators. simply mix the two packets together in a bowl, pull up into the applicator and apply/insert. Leave on for a minimun of 45 minutes or simply leave on over-night. Remove with water

The process of infusing the area with carbon dioxide forces the body to rush oxygen-rich blood to the tissue, helping to regenerate the cells and may help improve the following;

- GSM Symptoms: Dryness, Burns, Itching, Dyspareunia

- Loss of Sensitivity

- Vaginal Laxity

- Urinary Incontinence

- Cosmetic Problems

- Vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS)

- Lichen Sclerosus

- Vagianl tightness

- Discomfort during intercourse

CO2LiftV can Improve:

- Increase vaginal lubrication

- Enhance skin tone and elasticity

- Aesthetic improvements in the vulva area

- Increase sensitivity and sexual pleasure

Who was CO2LiftV made for:

- Women for self-care and general intimate health

- New mothers

- Menopausal women

- Women on prescription medications

- Women who have had chemotherapy

- Women with a history of breast cancer who have GSM symptoms but cannot take estrogen

- Women with PCOS

- Women with Lichen Schlerosus

How it Works:

- Transdermal carboxytherapy is introduced, which promotes the proper penetration of carbon dioxide through the epidermal through the epidermal layer of the skin.

- The treatment will then naturally stimulate the oxygen molecules in your body to be delivered directly to the area applied

- Results can be felt and seen in as little as 3 applications. However, the number of treatments recommened can vary depending on the severity of symptoms.


Excluding GST/HST
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