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CO2Lift is an in-clinic and at-home treatment that acts as a topical "hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber" for the skin, delivering a rush of carbon dioxide to the application site.

How It Works:

Carboxytherapy is the use of carbon dioxide to regenerate the skin. When the gas is delivered through the gel to skin, the body responds by rushing oxygen rich blood to the tissue, leading to an induction of new collagen, tissue regeneration, and increased oxygenation and microcirculation.

- This mixture is kept on the skin for 35 minutes to an hour, and has a compounding effect every time it's used within 7 days of application.

Stand-Alone treatment: It is recommended to perform a series of 3 treatments to begin. Following a recommended maintenance schedule to continue building on itself and achieving new levels of hydration, revealing remarkable anti-aging results.

CO2Lift Results: after just one use.

- Increases skins hydration

- Lifts and tightens skin

- Reduces wrinkles, lines and pore size.

- Smoothes skin texture

- Brightens skin tone

- Reduces redness and swelling.

Pre- and Post-Treatment:

Carboxytherapy Gel is proven safe to use pre- or post-procedure to prep skin and may help:

- Reduce post-treatment downtime

- Improve procedural outcomes

- Minimize bruising and swelling

- Reduce complications and side effects

- Reduce discomfort during treamtent

CO2Lift Pro

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