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Luxurious and nutrient rich with monoi de tahiti. It gives wellbeing and relief to dry and sensitive skin, making it immediately soft and velvety. With argan oil, Monoi de tahiti and extract of hibiscus and frangipani flowers, it is the ideal nourishment for the most dehydrated skin and for the most dry areas of the body (knees, elbows and heels). With its soft texture and rapid absorption, it makes the skin immediately smoother and elastic, leaving no greasy residue. 250ml.


  • Instantly quenches and soothes dry skin, restoring elasticity and firmness
  • Quick absorbing formulation
  • Silky, smooth texture leaves skin hydrated all day long


Diego Dalla Palma Super Moisturising Cream

Excluding GST/HST

    Tahititan Monoi Oil, Argan Oil, Glycans, Tumeric Extract, Pomegranate, Sage, Lychee, Vitamin E

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