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Soothing and Strengthening with ProSense Peptide

With its soft texture, ANTI-WRINKLE PROTECTIVE CREAM provides a protective layer counteracting the action of external agents and solar radiations with its SPF15 protection. With ProSense - an innovative neuro-peptide, designed to protect the skin from irritation and redness- and 51+3 HYALU COMPLEX - with an overall anti-aging action - it restores skin comfort, freshness and softness. Preservative free, without fragrance allergens. Nickel tested. 50ml. 



  • Effectively protect the most sensitive skin from external aggressors
  • Smooth and soothe irritated/dry/red/sensitive skin
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Deep hydration and moisturising effect



51+3 HYALU COMPLES, ProSense Peptides (neuro-peptide), Helixix, Bioflavanoids, Hyaluronic Acid

Diego Dalla Palma - Anti-Wrinkle Protective Cream SPF15

Excluding GST/HST
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