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 The ANTI-POLLUTION SERUM ESSENCE protects against all types of pollution, for strong, hydrated, younger-looking skin that is free to breathe. It contains Pollushield™, an invisible protective shield that prevents smog, smoke, fine dust and other pollutants from adhering to the skin and facilitates their removal during cleansing. The smoothing texture leaves the skin instantly more beautiful. This fine mist also works to thoroughly combat the action and damage of free radicals and makes make-up last longer when sprayed on the face after application. Best for: all skin types; especially those living in urban environments. 100ml.



  • Anti-pollution and anti free radicals
  • Detoxifying
  • Invisible and lightweight protective shield for all skin types
  • Excellent as a makeup setting spray

Diego Dalla Palma Anti-Pollution Serum Essence

Excluding GST/HST

    POLLUSHIELD™, CELL DETOXIUM, Hydrafilm System, Hyaluronic Acid

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